Monday, October 22, 2012

The Magic of Reading

One official cuts spending in the name of austerity. Another raises taxes for a bloated, innefective spending program.
The funny part is: We don't need them.
We are the most giving people on the face of the planet, all we need is the opportunity to give.
In years past, a certain candidate jokingly admitted that he had once 'shared his peanut butter sandwich'. My response was that was perfectly fine, as long as he didn't take mine away to give to someone else.

The past few weeks have been amazing. Apprentice Swordceror is flying off the virtual shelves, and there is a rather large peanut butter sandwich on the horizon. It's time to share.

School libraries have always been important to my family. I read a book a day out of my High School Library. Carrie spent much of last year, and some of this year volunteering and substituting in our local Elementary School Library. That is where we have chosen to focus our giving first.

As of 9:30 pm last night, proceeds from all U.S. sales of Apprentice Swordceror until roughly 4:30 am Friday morning will be donated to the Fruitland Elementary School Library. This coincides with the Book Fair, which started this morning, and runs through Thursday, also quite worth checking out.

Middle of the week sales are usually 20-30 units per day, averaging 20 U.S. sales, for a rough estimate of a $220 donation at the end of this campaign. We can do better than that.

Amazon sales are tracked constantly, sales ranking lists are updated hourly. Sudden shifts in movement are noticed, and promoted. If there happened to be a large upswing in sales of Apprentice Swordceror on Wednesday evening, around 7:30 pm, the momentum could result in more sales around the country that evening, the whole next day, and into Friday morning. Your $3.99 purchase would see $2.75 go directly to the school, and possibly influence many more sales, leveraging our efforts to support our students.

We ask that you consider this, and help us send the message that no matter who is 'in power', or what laws are passed or passed over, WE will all try and do what's best for our childern, our community, our country.

Thank you.