Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Talk: November 6th

Trying something different, showcasing other local talent.
My local writer this week is Reuben Smith from Payette.

Q: Reuben, having read some of your novel, it seems to fall into the category of Space Opera. Is that the feel you wanted for it, and could you tell us a bit more about the story?

A: Generally, I wanted the readers to feel the vastness and distance between the key worlds and subsequent governments that are all subject under a single Federation. I also tried to incorporate many of the traditional fantasy races such as trolls, orcs, and elves into my world. While all these fantasy races are human (or started as human) I wanted there to be a distinct difference between them that the readers could pick up on easily. One example would be the race Grendall (Trolls), the Grendall were genetically engineered from human DNA to be about 15 feet tall and weigh about 1200 pounds.
The story takes place about 2000 years after a series of planets were terraformed. Each planet was developed with the basics of society, but each was individually given a strength that was supposed to help the Federation function as a whole. An example would be one system houses most of the Federation’s universities while another is superior in food processing. This worked well except one planet did not advance technologically and is always preyed upon by the others for slave trafficking.

Q: How long have you known you wanted to write a book, and when did you actually start writing?

A: I had wanted to write a book since high school and I have had many ideas floating around in my head book wise for years. However I did not start writing until about a year ago.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from when you write?

A: Much of my inspiration came from multiple sources. Frank Herbert’s Dune always intrigued me as with most any book written by Vernor Vinge. I threw in a mix of ancient Roman society and their views on slavery along with some Civil War era emancipation. I also pulled some inspiration from the story Beowulf. Much of my book also pays homage to other forms of media, such as Final Fantasy 7 or the anime Trigun.

Q: Writing is not paying your bills, yet. What else do you have going on in the meanwhile?

A: Currently I am working at Kmart in Ontario and running my own little side business. I have been making/modifying costumes, stage props, and other small man crafts. I have also begun recycling some industrial junk and making it into useable items that are generally steampunk in nature.

Q: When can we look forward to seeing your book for sale?

A: I hope to be finished in late spring/early summer 2013.

Thanks for your time, keep us updated on your progress!