Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tip, November 27th: Details, Details, Details!

How are things going for you? Good? Sometimes the difference between good and great can be made in the changing of a number, moving a section of text to a different location, or a slight change in formatting. For example, the change in the format of the blog posts is very minor, but might make sharing to Facebook more effective. Back posts will soon share the same heading format, and may gain heightened visibility, with a minimum of effort. And that's what we need to do in our businesses: maximize our efforts. It might be something as simple as having someone search out all your advertisements and critique them so they can be altered as needed. Or regularly reviewing your AdWords campaigns to weed out nonperforming segments and keywords, retarget audiences, format different ad sizes, etc. The latter is something that needs done in my advertising. The target markets are tightened down so much, only one person has seen the new display ad, and they didn't click it. Raising the maximum cpc was the only thing that enabled that viewing, and the ads that were designed are awkward sizes, probably not usable on many websites. Those are a lot of details, and they still need worked on. But since the foundation is in place, every step in the right direction will open up new doors, new contacts, new customers, and ultimately, new streams of revenue. And while revenue is not why we do what we do, it allows us to continue to do what we love to do.

So keep on doing what you love, just pay a little more attention.