Saturday, January 26, 2013

Star Wars Saturday: January 26th

Well, I could say that I forgot the Tuesday article, or that I didn't forget it, and was saving up for today's post. Like most truths, it lies somewhere in the middle.

Today we'll be spending the day in the Boise area, the highlight being our involvement in an 'Empire Uncut' filming at the Ada Community Library on Victory. Most everything this week has taken a backseat to our preparations for that. It sounds like it will be fun, around 20 people registered to attend, so it won't be too crazy. The trunk of the car is packed full of snacks and costume changes, and I'm going to abuse the heck out of my Micron discount at Papa Johns and take a bunch of pizza down for the cast and crew.

In other news, you might have already heard, but I have a tentative invite to have Apprentice Swordceror featured as a Kindle 'Deal of the Day'. It's a program where they discount your book up to 80%, but still pay you 70% royalty on the discounted price, as opposed to 35%. Plus it's a ton of free advertising. I accepted right away, of course, but this morning I mailed the contact at Amazon and asked for preferential treatment. I asked if they would be able to have the promotion coincide with the donation period for the New Plymouth High school library I have scheduled for the week of February 6th, and even asked about a possible donation match from Amazon. It's a long shot, but it would never happen if I didn't ask.

The Tuesday morning writer's group will now remain a morning only event for the forseeable future. Attendance is spotty at best, if it improves enough that a solid evening attendance is likely, we'll discuss it.

Well, have an appointment to keep with Darth Vader, so we'd better get on that hyperdrive motivator.

May the Force be with you.