Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday Talk January 1st: New Beginnings

Working at a different site for the company for a couple more weeks. It's different, fresh, engaging. Keeps the mind turning over, churning up new ideas for break and lunch times, that seem to flow into the book easier than usual.

Looking at different avenues for advertising and public relations, book trailers, etc. Currently in touch with a local, and a national firm.

Finally beginning the local writers group, by executive order. First meeting is Tuesday morning, 10 A.M., at the sandwich shop in Ontario. Event schedule to be posted here, on the Amazon site, and the Facebook page. Alternating weeks tentatively scheduled to be held in the mornings and evenings, evening sessions probably at my house to start.

Prepping Apprentice Swordceror for print, tentatively scheduled for the end of the month.

Getting the details for the Book Fair donation to the Elementary School in order. That's $1500 that they'll be able to spend on new books! Pretty excited about that.

Due to illness/family/etc, only got half the writing done on Journeyman Warsmith that I had projected. What did get written, though, surpasses what I did have planned. Storyline splits and new tangents... Chapters now have temporary headings because I'm not sure what order they will fall in. I could keep them switching back and forth, keep the timeline close, as they are being written. But they may have more impact if presented in a somewhat "Go"-like fashion, letting the questions build in the reader's mind for longer before answering some of them. I will probably leave the temporary headings until Ken has a chance to look at it.

Time to get back to it!