Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Talk January 8th: I'm a Purple Cow!

He approached the group with a mixture of anticipation, and trepidation. There were half a dozen of them, and the two he did recognize were wild cards, even in the best of times. He knew what they expected, but was completely unprepared, as usual. He opened his mouth, as if to speak... and then... He did.

Then everyone ate meatballs and went home.

Wow. The end of that story seemed a little rushed too, huh?

Tonight was the first in a series of marketing and self promotion talks/workshops/etc at the Ada Community Library on Victory. Attendance was light because people are big chickens when it comes to driving in less than optimal conditions in Boise. Well... I'm from Michigan, and this is nothing! I remember when I was... wait, I was only two, so I guess I don't. But I digress. The crowd (artistic license) was perfectly proportioned for someone of my caliber when it comes to inspirational speaking. It was a great start. It felt like I really connected with everyone in the room, they all seemed to get something from what I said, and the excitement level about buying the book was definitely there. Hopefully it spreads!

Which brings me to the reason for the excitement level this week. The donation to the Elementary School Library is getting close to changing hands. $1500 for the four and a half days of Book Fair, a pretty accurate estimate of my U.S. sales for that period, rounded up. The next chapter of giving back has already begun. A portion of my proceeds this current week will go to the High School Library program in Fruitland. They have been supporting my marketing efforts, displaying posters in the library and outside the school office.

So here's the deal. $1 of each U.S. sale for the week will go to the library. With no extra pushing, that should be maybe $40 a day average. But wait... There's more! If, by chance, the book's Facebook page gets 50 new likes, and this blog gets 20 new followers (19 now, I think there was a new one yesterday), this promotion will renew on the first full calendar week of next month! If things go right, there is somewhat unlimited earning potential, for the school, and, by extension, me. Good deal, eh?

I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also jazzed to get more local events going where I can connect with people, move a little further out of my comfort zone, and have my own personal growth mirror the confidence and ability that my characters are gaining as the Blademage Saga continues.

But that is another story.