Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Tip February 5th: Put in the Time

Writing group went well today despite low attendance. Steve from SIG made it all the way from Boise for his first meeting. We answered some questions, and put more on the list to research. Next week, we'll try to have a chapter or so each to pass around for peer review, get back to basics.

The next few weeks are dotted with events and time set aside from 'work' to devote to the real stuff. Although Journeyman Warsmith is not progressing according to its new accelerated timetable, it is moving along, and the plot is deepening further than planned. That's always good, right? The next few days should be productive on some front or another, as I'll be away from normal society (even further than usual), with all my writing accessories and motivation from a loyal fan. This could be a turning point. We'll just have to put quality time in, and see what comes out.