Monday, July 1, 2013

The Next Chapter

The latest updates/fixes to Apprentice Swordceror are uploaded. The preview chapter of Journeyman Warsmith is included at the end of the first title, as well as here on the blog.
The list price for Apprentice Swordceror has  been reduced to $2.99, the lowest price allowed by law at this point in time.
The release date for Journeyman Warsmith is still holding at August 1st.
The donation formula to the Ada Community Library's Special Events Program has been set at 32¢ per US sale on the first full day. That could be huge. For everyone.

The question at the forefront of my mind? What genre will the next chapter of my life fall into? We've been through Legal Drama, Coming of Age, Training Montage, and more recently Romantic Comedy, After School Special, and Drama.

One thing is for certain. I look forward to the ultimate example of life imitating art: the possibility that writing my own story will lead to me being able to... write my own story.