Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Seeds of Inspiration

Well, it’s been a while. Jumping headfirst into this career change is very different than what I expected. Social media interaction has been sketchy at best, and one of my fears is beginning to materialize. When it was ‘just a hobby’ the writing came easily, there was no expectation of production, just the interplay between myself and the characters unfolding as it felt like it. Sure, when it was getting down to the wire, I made deadlines for hitting non-creative goals, rewriting, etc. The magic always happened on its own. There was never a need to force it, because, well, it was magic. Whenever someone asked me why I didn’t quit and start writing full time, I had a standard reply ready: ‘Then what would I do for fun?’

I did not participate in NaNoWriMo because my inspiration does not come that fast, and I don’t write when I’m not inspired. No offense to those who do crank out 50k words in a month, but I wonder honestly how many of those words make it into the hands of readers.

Out of town for the last few days, hanging out with my grumpy old farmer buddies, and things have started clicking. Storyline is unfolding, and the last event we attended was a discussion meet, where one of the young farmers was talking about using her farming blog to help combat the misconceptions of the public toward agricultural producers. Honestly felt a little bit ashamed that I hadn't updated anything major on any of my social media in months. Did you guys even know I quit my day job?

Anyway, lesson learned, I’m back. I’ll get everything updated by the end of next week, and try to keep you all updated and engaged. Might be hard to fit that in between all the plot that is starting to fill up the noggin, though. I think it’s a win/win.