Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Apprentice Swordceror shedding pounds?

No, Kevon's not starting a cleanse. He's not hooked on CrossFit. He's not even watching his figure.

All right, here's the skinny. For the first time, Apprentice Swordceror is going on sale in the UK. After a recent price adjustment to enable a Kindle Countdown promotion in that market, the first volume of The Blademage Saga will be available for the low, low, price of .99 GBP. That's way less than a basket of fish and chips! (I think...) It won't hurt your bottom line, or add to your waistline. It's the perfect light snack... err, read. Can you tell I do most of my writing in a sandwich shop?

All joking aside, this is a wonderful opportunity to get some Kindles fired up across the pond. The UK market is already a great supporter of the series, in no small part due to my wonderful cover artist, Paul Beeley. I look forward to getting even more feedback from fans over that direction.

The promotion will run from January 24th until January 30th, and the title will be discounted 50% for the whole week. Please tell everyone you know over there about it, especially if you think it is their 'cup of tea'.