Friday, January 24, 2014


Just forwarded a different scene to Diane (AKA Rhysabeth-Dane), and she loved it. It was a little 'cornier than this one though. I'd let her post it into the comments here if she wants to share, or she can keep it to herself. Until then, here's a peek at another scene in book 3. This is from a while back, but a fun peek into what the gang is up to, without giving away any real storyline.


     Aelion closed his eyes and spoke in low tones. Undeniably Elven words floated to Mirsa’s ears, but flickers of images reminiscent of spoken magic fluttered at the corners of her awareness.
     The anti-shadows brightened further. The ambient light in the room did not lessen, but grew flat in comparison to the living brilliance. Wavering torch-fueled images writhed, stretching and curving in exaggerated horseshoe arcs that pulsated toward where the Elder’s hand rested on Kevon. The fluttering mismatched rhythms of the lights steadied, and fell into a regular ‘one-two… one-two’ pattern, and Mirsa felt her own pulse matching the light, and Kevon’s heartbeat.

     The light flowed slowly into Kevon, and his color improved a shade, as the rhythm slowed and grew more stable. The extra light dimmed away by degrees as Aelion’s speech drifted into silence.