Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Progress Updates

New Business first: Book 3 is approximately 25% complete, in first draft. Writing is accelerating on it, and with a few working vacations planned(one later this week), things should start happening faster.

Audio production on Apprentice Swordceror and Journeyman Warsmith is close to becoming a reality. There are half a dozen producers I've flagged as maybes, with one or two as personal favorites. Since the newest audition rolled in about ten minutes ago, I still have twenty or more to listen to. I'll work more on cutting them down to about 5 total before letting anyone else hear them for their opinions.

Print versions: Still working on. Have asked around about font restrictions and am satisfied things will be okay with the new dropcap font, just need to get them inserted and triple check things for accuracy. It would be nice if the print and audio versions for Apprentice hit about the same time. It may happen, I know friends of ours have had issues with the covers on Createspace and have needed extra time to get things straightened out. We'll see.

Advanced Reading: I'll download the FAQ's from their website to take on vacation with me this weekend, along with the instructions. Should have tests worked up before I come back. How about this: I won't come back until they are ready to be input into the database. :)

X-Ray: This is for Sverre. I just looked into it this last weekend, and it looks like something I can work on a bit at a time. I would encourage other fans of the series to take a look at it and maybe contribute. No spoilers, just the facts? I'll try and see what other Kindle titles I have downloaded that utilize this feature and see how it works for them. Something like this would be helpful for me when writing as much as it would for someone reading.

That's about it. I plan on rounding up the names and links for some of the more promising producers I've been in contact with on ACX, and linking to them from here as a thank-you for their efforts toward producing my titles. I know it's not as good as being able to hire them all, but it's giving them access to my most important commodity, my fans.