Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Second Library Event Infinitely More Successful

Good times at the McCall Public Library over the weekend. Met two writers at the free training event from the local writing scene. This is an infinite percentage of improvement over the zero attendees at the last McCall event. One had several books ready for production/conversion, and the other had a particular skill set, gained over a lifetime, that he was weaving into an alternate history in lieu of writing an ill-advised autobiography. Both expressed appreciation for the donated time and resource material, and I look forward to having more to bring to the table the next time I'm in town.

I'm getting a little antsy about the audiobook. How long does it take an envelope to get to Connecticut from Idaho? The only thing holding Apprentice Swordceror: The Audiobook back from the virtual shelves is my producer's receipt and acknowledgement of final payment. The check was only mailed Friday afternoon, so perhaps it's me just being impatient. Eager to see how well this gamble moving into the realm of audio pays off.

Found out this weekend that the children like stand-up-paddleboards and Skidoos. Hoping the audio pays off big.