Monday, February 9, 2015


A few days away from the completion of the first draft of Blademage Adept. Wading through the process of cover design with Create-Imaginations, which is always a treat. Trying something new, documenting the process in PowerPoint form to have as a visual aid at the cover reveal event, which I still have to schedule. Preparing the final print-version edits to upload to CreateSpace and Kindle for Apprentice. Expecting the first 15 minutes of Journeyman's audio any day now, excited and apprehensive about the word-proofing process that will require.
Even positive stress can adversely affect the best of us. I've been told I'm getting a little grouchy.
Due to this, and other schedule constraints, I'm suspending my free consulting hours (Usually Tuesdays from 10am until Noon at the sandwich shop) until late April. Between now and then, if you had planned on taking advantage of those hours, you can e-mail me and we can schedule some one-on-one time, also free of charge, for when I'm sane again.