Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Second draft of Blademage Adept has been with the editor for almost two weeks.
I took about a weeklong unplanned break, due to brain-fry.
But I'm back!
Today saw the bulk of a PowerPoint presentation created. The presentation details the steps from start to finish, the back and forth between Paul Beeley and myself, during the crafting of the new book cover. The presentation is with Paul now for his input and approval, and later to be used at a cover reveal event, details TBA.
Journeyman Warsmith continues its quest to become an Audible title, the first fifteen minutes are incredible. We expected nothing less of Jamie du pont MacKenzie.
Apprentice Swordceror as a print title is probably going to happen soon. Coordinating with my Createspace consultant on a nightly basis.
I'll be teaching a class on self publishing next month at the local community college, the details of that will be posted soon.
Free consulting hours are back on at the BellyBuster Tuesdays from ten until noon, except the third Tuesday, when I attend the IWG Literary Luncheon.
Blog posts will pick back up, getting ready for all the new stuff!

It's good to be back.