Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Star Wars Day!

Beautiful day today. I had to 'force' myself back inside to push through the second third of the moderate edits of Blademage Adept, but it happened. A few of Ken's suggestions were waved off Jedi-style... These are not the edits you're looking for...
For the most part he's nailed everything I was too close to see. Parts that I was sure were written down were still safely locked in my brain, and needed added so that passages would make sense. Passages that a newcomer such as himself might question in a fantasy novel, but a seasoned veteran of the genre would take in stride? Those took some balancing, easing in enough explanation to inform one end of the spectrum without insulting the other. The extra focus on those passages sharpened the scenes to a higher level, I think.

In addition to the edits, there are some important things coming up sooner than I'd realized.

The cover release event for Blademage Adept is THIS SATURDAY. It's 5-6pm at the Ada Library on Victory. Details on the Calendar page.

The upcoming Self-Publishing Class at TVCC is NEXT THURSDAY from 2-5 at the SBCC on the south end of campus. Details are also on the other page.

That's all for now, I still need to run into town to pick up those power converters.