Thursday, May 14, 2015

Silver Linings

Got the news this week that the audio on Journeyman Warsmith is going to be pushed back another 4-5 weeks. Sucks, huh?
A little. But the upside? It is because my audio guy is doing a movie. And he said, and I quote, he would 'wear the heck out of' the cover shirts I sent him as a thank you for his work on Apprentice Swordceror.
I'll be the first one to admit that The Blademage Saga is not ready for either the big or small screen. It's unfinished, the ending is a wild card for anyone that's not me.
The thought of getting a little exposure in those kind of circles is still exciting.

Digging into the next round of edits on Blademage Adept, having fixed or justified nearly all of Ken's editorial concerns. Enhancing some scenes and working on keeping some of the new cast differentiated from the old in the early parts of the book.

Barring substantial misfortune, we're looking at a release in mid to late June.