Friday, June 26, 2015

Game On!

Getting ready to watch my girls' softball team play their third game today. So far they're one for two, but confidence is high for this game. They made me this cool sign, been hanging it by the Gatorade cooler all day.

Final draft of Blademage Adept is submitted, four full days ahead of schedule. Presales are crazy, and my favorite librarian is a little freaked out by the donation I've pledged. Details are forthcoming, might try and get out in front of the conventional media for this at first.

Apprentice Swordceror is on sale in the US and UK this week (my apologies to areas that are ineligible for Countdown Deals). Journeyman Warsmith will be on sale the following week, leading up to the release of Blademage Adept. Countdown Deals are best at the beginning, so if you are interested, buy early.

Full steam ahead on the next one! Already a few chapters ahead of where I thought I would be. Plenty of back catalog work to be done on slow inspiration days. Things are looking good.