Monday, June 8, 2015

Third Wrimester?

Blademage Adept is set up for pre-orders, and they are rolling in without advertising. The support is amazing. If I had a spare moment, I might break down and cry.
Special thanks to Russell Traughber, another local author (Nonfiction, Biography), that suggested doing a layer of edits with a text-to-speech program. I used the default Narrator program on my convertible (The third voice... Zira? I like her accent). Caught more than a few edits I would have otherwise missed.
Scheduling some time to do this with the first two books, to polish up the versions I have almost ready to upload to Kindle for correction. The transition to print should be easy enough from there. We'll see.
As soon as final edits are done, I can dig into volume 4. I've got much better outlines than I had for Adept, it should go much smoother.
Depending on the consulting hours tomorrow, I may be able to finish my social media and commercial site updates, and jump into story mode a few day or two early. The tension due to the editing process has been mostly erased by attending a local annual gathering that we shall refer to as MFN. Good friends, good food, good times. Reduced tension means a better chance that more characters will survive. I can't imagine how much tension the other Martin is under.
Anyway, this site is mostly up to date, and as soon as the rest of the internet is fixed, it's go time.