Friday, July 3, 2015

Counting Down

Only a week until Blademage Adept hits the virtual shelves. Countdown promotion on Apprentice Swordceror is winding down, and Journeyman Warsmith is ramping up, already discounted in the UK, and soon in the US.

The Ada Community Library is also counting the days until Blademage Adept is released. As my favorite library, they get the donation this time. Here's how it's going to go.

I've pledged fifty cents a copy on pre-sales of the new book to the Special Events Department. Rhysabeth-Da... Err... Diane is really excited about it, especially with the additional trigger condition I mentioned. If pre-sales hit the one thousand mark, I'll donate a flat thousand dollars. We'd love to be able to do that, to support the library that's been so supportive of us since day one. And it's a reasonable target. Without much advertising, as I post this, pre-sales are at 652, with a week left to go. The Discount Deal on book two should boost that this coming week, and I'll start actively advertising to try and hit the goal.

Diane says she's going to talk to the ladies at Chaotic Acts of Theatre, to see if they'd put together a turbo-spoof of the books so far, to use part of the anticipated donation. They totally nailed Harry Potter. I have mixed emotions about the prospect, but love to watch them.

So, pre-order the book, tell a friend, and support a local author, supporting a local library.

Thanks, and have a safe, fun holiday tomorrow.