Friday, March 24, 2017

Third time's...

Okay. Had a brief moment where the second trailer (but not the first, which has the same music) was blocked from playing on YouTube because of alleged copyright infringement. Which made me freak out a little bit. Contacted the producer of my trailer, who is a very cool guy from Algeria, and he provided this replacement music. I've linked his Fiverr account in the 'Friends of The Blademage Saga' area, he has several other services to choose from and is really great to work with.

Wrote some transition material in book 4 today, from one big fight scene leading into another. Looks to be a pretty brutal aerial battle, when everyone is exhausted from the rescue mission they just got back from. The most fun I have had writing in a long time. It's getting there.

Also, another local author friend is getting ready to release her first book. I've read quite a bit of it in our local critique group, and she uses Ken, my content editor, so her stuff has been worked over pretty well. I plan on having her as a guest interview in the coming weeks, and will link to her book then. It's not my normal genre, her style managed to make me care about her characters, and there was not a single sword fight, that I'm aware of. Crazy.