The Blademage Saga is a planned series of five books. 

Apprentice Swordceror, Volume I of The Blademage Saga, is a debut novel that tells the story of a young man trapped between the separate and incompatible worlds of Wizards and Warriors. The main character, Kevon, is easily identified with, possessing the raw talent we all wish we had, and the naiveté we hope we lack. His journey through betrayal, love, loss, and personal growth is accentuated by the friends and allies that he comes to surround himself with. The story will appeal to classic fantasy fans, while the different angles on magic and standard fantastical races will satisfy those who need something different than the usual fare.

Kevon begins his story as a Wizard's Apprentice in a small town, far from anywhere important. He finds himself thrown out into the world, sorely unprepared. Forced to hide his identity to survive, he journeys across the Realm searching for vengeance and redemption.

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Journeyman Warsmith, Volume II of The Blademage Saga, takes place over two years after Apprentice Swordceror.

Kevon has grown, in skill, strength, and stature. Hiding amongst the miners on the Southern Frontier, he has taken up blacksmithing, relying on the near-constant touch of iron and steel to shield him from discovery by his enemies. When he learns of a growing darkness near the site of the destruction of the Mage's tower in the West, he rejoins Waine and Bertus to investigate. He takes up the mystic arts once more, and is forced to work with a former enemy to save the Realm from an evil he helped unleash.

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Blademage Adept, Volume III of The Blademage Saga, begins right where Journeyman Warsmith left off.

The battle for Eastport is won, but a third of the waterfront lies in smoldering ruin. Forced to use sorcery and steel during the showdown with Holten Magus, Kevon's secret is revealed. He flees across the sea to the east, surrounded by close friends, and dubious allies. He continues the mission before him - translating an ancient tome for a patron whose support he may have already lost. In a strange land, Kevon must fight to rejoin old companions and forge new alliances in a struggle that may be more than it seems…

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More to come...

Volume IV of The Blademage Saga is nearing completion of the first draft. Code-named PK, the newest adventure least to revelations about love, loyalty, the nature of magic, and the workings of the world itself.