Chris Hollaway

Fantasy Author

Staff Writer

"I do all my characters' stunts"


Writing Fantasy/Adventure novels was not initially the plan.

The plan, from an early age, was to become a computer programmer, and co-produce video games based on bible stories with his best friend, who was going to be a Pastor.

Well, exactly none of that happened. After a couple of short term jobs following the short stint at the University of Idaho, Chris took longer term employment at Waremart/Winco Foods. After 10 years or so of that, he moved on to Micron Technology.

It was then that the fantasy reading Chris had done in his youth began to leak from his brain, and onto the pages of his first handwritten manuscript. He started to get serious about it, and the rest is history.

He currently works as a contracted hourly advisor at his local Small Business Development Center.

Chris has written 4 volumes in the popular series The Blademage Saga:

Apprentice Swordceror, Journeyman WarsmithBlademage Adeptand Planeshifter Knight.

The fifth and final volume, Archmage Crusader, is currently in production.

Check out the Shifting Paradigms page, or click here to see what else Chris is working on, or connect with him.