Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of questions that people may or may not be asking.

The main series is five volumes. Apprentice Swordceror, Journeyman Warsmith, Blademage Adept, Planeshifter Knight. and Archmage Crusader.

There is the possibility of a companion series of three books in the future. If it does come to fruition, it will be set thousands of years in the distant future of Aerth, long after the characters in the primary series have perished.

The priority of this new series has yet to be decided.

Is the game in Planeshifter Knight real?

Currently, the game WBM (Working title Warrior, Brigand, Mage) is in the beta testing stage. We're slowly looking for concept artists and other professionals to line up for an eventual Kickstarter campaign for the actual production of the game.

The game company we're looking at is Panda Games in China. They did Dead of Winter, so we know they can make a quality game. It will take some time.

If this game is something you need in your life, speak up and stay tuned.

What can I do to spread the word?

First of all, thanks for what you have already done.

There are plenty of things you can do that just  take a little time:

  • Share these books with a friend

  • Write and rate other reviews

  • Like, follow, and join the Facebook page and group

  • Share the website on your social media

In addition, you can:

  • Order the books as a gift for a friend

  • Buy some swag from our Store


What is Shifting Paradigms about?

In Extralibrium, the first book in the Shifting Paradigms series, we begin in the aftermath of 'The Decline'. Over two weeks, years ago, technology faded, and other things rose to the surface.

The odd rituals in occult manuscripts begin working for some practitioners. Prayers are answered in obvious displays of divine intervention, for a select few of the faithful.

The language and subject matter are grittier, intended for a more mature audience than The Blademage Saga, but is not gratuitous by any stretch.

Read the sample and see if it grabs you.

There will... eventually be a sample.

Why does it take Chris so long to write a book?

Ouch. I deserved that. Life often gets in the way.

First if all, writing does not come as easily to some as it does others. Taking the raw ideas from brain to page is a convoluted process. If you write without plotting, you risk an unusable mess. If you plot before you write, you have structure, but any decent character will outwit you multiple times before you can convince them to play nice.

The writing is the easy part! There are editing steps, which make a book readable, that you don't want me to skip. Finding tre right cover, or one that will do if your usual guy flakes take time and focus away from writing.

Check out my writing blog for more on this.


Is Chris ever going to get books in print?

The answer is yes, but we're not sure what the timeline on the print books will be. The focus  now is wrapping up volume 5 of The Blademage Saga for the next little while. Depending on demand, we may need to put together a team to help produce the WBM game. That could get crazy, but the cross-promotional value of such a project is something we're excited about.

There are changes/fixes that still  need made to the first 3 volumes of the Saga. We want to be certain everything is correct before committing to print.

Will you talk about politics?

Inflexible extremists on both ends of the political spectrum have made intelligent conversation all but impossible. If you look at the intent of most individuals, really look, you will see that we all have pretty much the same goals. The bulk of arguments is about how to get there.

Talk to your neighbor. Focus on their intent, then find your common ground.

That's all we're going to say about that.