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Cooking The Hollaway

Recipies and Philosiphies for a Shorter but Happier Life

Chris shares some crock-pot, Dutch oven, and other various easy-to-prepare recipes, seasoned with his musings on life.

Blood, Earth, and Soulfire

Stand-Alone Novel, Release TBA

By the time the scientists knew something was wrong, it no longer mattered. The advancing shockwave from the supernova had lit up half the sky. Society was on the verge of collapse as the front moved closer, weeks away at most.

Then They stepped out of the shadows. The Illuminati, with their magic. They offered salvation, for a price... blood. After stabilizing the world with a demonstration, the demands began. The incarcerated. The old and infirm. The poor. By the time the lottery started, they were too powerful to stop..

Oppressed and hunted, an Earth Mage and an Animist move to strike at the tyrannical Blood Mages that maintain a stranglehold on what remains of the world.

WBM : Warrior, Brigand, Mage

An Aerth Games Production

The game featured in Planeshifter Knight comes to life through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

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